About the CD devoted to L. Spohr:

“Even their breathtaking technique is forgotten as you plunge headlong into the sheer enjoyment of liberated, fun-filled music. Violins, violas, cellos (and double bass in the first part) vie for position in the procession led by a majestic and sensuous Pierre Amoyal.”

L’Express,  26.09.03

About the CD devoted to J.S. Bach:

“What joy to find in this repertoire he loves so much the great violinist Pierre Amoyal, playing his “Kochansky” Stradivarius, miraculously rediscovered in 1991 after being stolen from him in 1987. And what’s more, leading the excellent Camerata de Lausanne, surrounded by soloists of the quality of Maurice Bourgue and Tedi Papavrami…”

L’Education musicale, June 2008

For the release of his latest disc devoted to J. S. Bach concertos, we wanted to hear the words of Pierre Amoyal himself, who, since the age of 12, has been one of the most renowned and widely listened to violinists, not only for the quality of his playing but also for the personality that infuses his music. Not so “star system” as some would claim! Having preferred the tuition of Jascha Heifetz to that of Yehudi Menuhin, he offers us some memories.

Interview with Pierre Amoyal by Isabelle PERRIN, ResMusica, 25.05.2009

“Amoyal, Bourgue and Papavrami indeed play on modern instruments, with a contemporary technique, but show consideration for many of the lighter touches proposed by Baroque instrumentalists. The result is magnificent, provided you listen afresh, without preconceptions. Viewed in this light, Bach is a baroque romantic… and above all a musician of utterly timeless modernity.”

Critic on AbeilleMusique.com, 12.03.2009