Originaire d’Australie, Paul Zabrowarny est maintenant membre de l’orchestre de Victoria et du Melbourne Chamber Orchestra

Paul Zabrowarny

 » Playing with the Camerata de Lausanne was truly a life-changing experience for me, and it enabled me to have a European experience that was far more inspiring and interesting than I had imagined.
Perhaps the factor that most influenced me was the joyful music-making and the incredible friendships formed with the other musicians in the Camerata.
The spirit and energy on the stage during performances of the Camerata was unlike anything that I had experienced, and the music was often performed with the refreshing spontaneity that is only found when musicians are truly happy to be performing together. The exceptional standard and commitment of the other musicians made it very rewarding to perform with the Camerata de Lausanne – to find a group of young musicians at such a high level of performance was a special experience.
Another unique aspect to the Camerata de Lausanne is the international flavour of the musicians – to play music and tour with musicians from such a diverse collection of backgrounds was a very inspiring and educational experience. During my touring with the Camerata, I found myself not only learning about the countries and venues that we were performing in, but also about the home countries and interesting backgrounds of the other musicians in the ensemble! »

Membre de la Camerata de 2008 à 2010