Originaire des Pays-Bas, Birthe Blom mène actuellement une carrière de soliste. Elle a en outre fondé le Kamer Musiek Festival Hoorn.

Birthe Blom

« Some years ago I heard a wonderful recording of Mr. Pierre Amoyal. The impact on me of his incredible way of making music was such that I decided to do my best to get to study with him. Then, 6 years ago, I went to Lausanne to study with him! It was a big step to make.
I found a room, sharing the house with two students (architecture and philosophy) who were not very accessible and I did not understand french very well. I was so far from home  I felt alone. But then Pierre asked me as a member of Camerata de Lausanne. There I felt at ease, there I came into a group of friends who helped me trough the first months.
When you play with someone who knows so many of the secrets of making music it is something like a revelation. Besides Pierre Amoyal gives me every time inspiration and energy. During the concerts there is so much energy in the group, and pierres vitality gives everybody a boost!. His way of leading the Camerata and his energy was so inspiring that I  founded my own Camerata in Holland: Camerata Florissimo »

Membre de la Camerata de 2004 à 2010